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                                                                                                                "Same Shirt Different Day" 

Rocked Stock, the name says it all.  Pollinate don't Pollute.  Rockedstock, a company started on the ideas of Recycling the marquis eras in fashion, hence the stock has been "Rocked".  In addition "Rocked" signifies how these gems are one of a kind and  truly a "Diamond in the Rough".

Our Stock is rated proficiently.

Questions you may have:

1.  Are my item used?

     Some are used some are brand new with tags.  Product details will specify.

2.  Are the clothes spot and ripfree?

     Yes we see to it that anything restoring that may occur to enhance our products are done so carefully. Our items are continuously cycle through laundry until they are nice and clean and ready to please.

3.  Is Rockedstock affiliated with any major company, corporation, such as the teams, logos, organizations, clubs, universities, etc...?

     No, nor do we claim to be. Nor do we intend to be endorsed by any brand, logo, team, university, org,` dept, etc... We are simply expressing an open market to buy, sell, and trade.

4.  Are the products 100% Authentic?

     Yes, 100% Guaranteed.

5.  May I return my item?

     Within 7 days of purchase at the shipping expense of the customer.

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